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23 May 2019

The service to leading companies in the international sector of components for domestic appliances and automotive sector has involved constant growth and continuous improvement of all our processes. Our customers include the main manufacturers of domestic appliances and their parts.

We work with leading brands for the supply of the materials we transform, which guarantees their correct certification and upgrading in both environmental questions and work safety. Quality control of the parts manufactured and of the materials employed is one of the cornerstones of our activity, and to this end we are equipped with:

A fully-equipped laboratory which enables us to analyse and test the properties required of silicon manufactured in-house. We are also able to perform various tests on the rest of the rubbers we use to guarantee the various physical properties required of them, such as hardness, compression set and breaking load.

  The usual processes for measuring and testing the dimensions of the finished parts are executed on the basis of quality of automated systems of artificial vision which check 100% of the units, automatically rejecting those which do not meet the standards of tolerance required.. These systems offer maximum guarantee and reliability for all gaskets destined for safety components in both applications with LPG and the aeronautics or automotive industries.

Aware of present-day market demands and the need for speed and quality of service, VAES SL places at your disposal a technical team that will assist with everything from the choice of materials to be used to the rhythm and method of supply best suited to your particular needs. We collaborate actively with our suppliers in obtaining and employing new materials the properties of which will improve our customers’ components.