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Cardboard gaskets,gaskets
23 May 2019


The BELPA CSA-520 gasket sheet is manufactured using the very latest developments in fibres with high thermal and mechanical resistance mixed with a high-quality NBR rubber matrix. The resulting material is a gasket sheet with high mechanical and thermal resistance, very low gas permeability and high residual stress in compliance with BS 7531 GRADE X. BELPA CSA 520 is a gasket sheet suitable for most industrial services, performance at high temperatures making this product the ideal solution for a wide range of services and equipment..

Sheet format (mm)
1500 x 1500
Standard thickness (mm). Others upon request
0,5, 0,8, 1, 1,5, 2, 3
Density (±10%)
1,65 g/cm³
Compressibility ASTM F-36 A
Elastic recovery ASTM F-36 A
Transversal tensile strength ASTM F-152
13 MPa
Gas permeability DIN 3535/6
<0,4 cm³/min
Stress Residual ( BS 7531 1.5 mm 300ºC/16H) (Mpa)
Compression module at 200ºC (%) x wsw/200
Compression module at room temperature (%) x KSW
Creep at room temperature x KRW
Creep at 200ºC x wsR/200
ASTM oil Nº1 5h 150ºC
ASTM oil Nº3 5h 150ºC
ASTM fuel B 5h RT

Diagrama presion-tempreatura

Pressure-temperature diagram

  1. Area of satisfactory use without the need for technical supervisión.
  2. Area with necessary technical recommendation, consult the Vaes technical department.
  3. Non-recommended área.

The P-T diagram helps the user or engineer familiar with the conditions of service (pressure and temperature) to select the appropriate gasket material. The diagram does not guarantee the functioning of a material
for an application.


CERTIFICATES: DvGW (gas), HTB (high thermal loads), KTW (drinking water), LLOYD´S

The correct functioning and service life of gaskets largely depends upon handling and service conditions, over which the manufacturer has no control. The data provided here must be used as a limit of application and as a guide for the choice of material. Montero can guarantee only the quality and specifications of our products.