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Vaes Escudero - Bilbao
23 May 2019
The manufacture of flat sealing rings

VAES SL is a company founded in Bilbao in 1951 by Jesús del Valle and José Escudero for the distribution of insulation elements and gaskets for the naval and steel-making industries of the time. From the 1980s onwards VAES SL began producing its own gaskets as a result of the demand born of industrial development.

The manufacture of flat sealing rings, thermal and electrical insulation with very diverse materials has constituted since then our main activity. VAES SL is a company formed by a group of professionals whose business strategy is based upon the service offered to customers, via the continuous incorporation of the most advanced techniques of management, manufacture and quality control. The service provided to leading companies in the international sector of components for the domestic appliances and automotive sector has involved constant growth and continuous improvement of all our processes.

Quality Control
We have a fully-equipped laboratory which enables us to analyse and test the properties demanded of silicon manufactured in-house. We can also perform various tests on the rest of the rubbers we employ in order to guarantee the various physical properties required of them, such as hardness, compression set and breaking load.

The usual processes for measuring and testing the dimensions of the finished parts are executed on the basis of quality control by means of automated systems of artificial vision responsible for tasks ranging from evaluating samples to checking 100% of the units manufactured, rejecting those which do not conform to the stated tolerances.

As well as distributing the materials with which we manufacture our products, we sell graphite rings, sealing gaskets as well as textiles and blankets for thermal insulation for which we have a permanent stock of references.