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Certified quality
26 June 2019

Vaes is ISO 9001 accredited. All the materials we supply are selected accordingly and are approved by the following institutions, amongst others:

  • DVGW.- Gas applications
  • KTW.- Drinking water applications
  • BAM. - Oxygen supply pipe sealing applications, up to 100 bars and 80ºC
  • WRC. - Water applications
  • HTB. - Applications of 650ºC for30 minutes with pressure below 1 bar.

We have a permanent stock of most of the materials used.

We issue our own certificates of final control of both material and dimensions. For specific rubbers, we obtain certification from the corresponding organizations when requested to do so by our customers.

Certified quality for the making of Flat Gaskets
At Vaes we have many years of experience manufacturing flat gaskets. Our number one priority is to offer the best service and quality to our customers. Below are the Quality certificates we possess which enable us to manufacture our products
iso dvgw ktw wrc juntas