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Quality Policy
26 June 2019

The Manager board of Valle Escudero S.L. declares that it is his business will and priority objective to pay maximum attention in each of the activities he executes, in each decision he adopts and in each action he performs, complying with the requirements demanded by his clients, as well as those established by the Standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 20015 and by any other standard and / or legal requirement that affects its activity

This Quality Policy is defined within the purpose of the organization that is the supply of profitable products according to the quality demanded by its customers, so it will be applied to the entire organization.
The strategic direction establishes the associated guidelines, serving as a framework to establish the specific quality objectives for each of the different areas that make up the organization.

This philosophy must be assumed in each of the departments of Valle Escudero S.L. by faithful compliance with the following principles:

  • Full satisfaction of our customers, offering products and services that meet their expectations, both in the quality of the product and in meeting the required deadlines. Therefore, we focus our actions to identify, evaluate and define the client's requirements, their needs and expectations, in order to satisfy them.
  • Systematically control each and every one of the relevant factors on which the Quality of our products depends.
  • Maintain a high level of innovation in the development and provision of our services in order to continuously improve.
  • Motivate all our employees in terms of quality. VALLE ESCUDERO S.L. will ensure the ability of suppliers to guarantee quality, service and price of the products they supply, involving them in our Quality System.
  • Comply with all the specifications, norms, legal requirements or other established ones.
  • Encourage communication among our workers as an instrument and way out of all human creative potential.
  • Enhance the continuous improvement of the quality management system through the establishment of service and production indicators, as well as the establishment of quality objectives and improvement in the relevant functions and levels of the organization.
  • Obtain the maximum economic benefits from business activity by optimizing the use of associated resources.

The Management is committed to disclose, make understand and apply this policy to all levels of the organization, suppliers and third parties that are related to Valle Escudero S.L.

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General Manager 

January 2.019