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Thermal insulation
26 June 2019

General information

The CV-type vacuum-molded thermally insulating products are made with carefully selected fibres, ceramics and adhesives, and are characterized by their high thermal resistance, low thermal conductivity, low density and optimum resistance to changes in temperature. On account of their particular thermo-insulating properties, resistance to temperature change, thermal resistance and ease of production (also mechanical: milled), they are employed in the energy sector, steelmaking, smelting and the ceramic industry as furnace linings for glass, ceramics and metal; lining for furnace forklifts, crack-filling, foundry riser sleeves, thermal anti-vapour lids, high-temperature gaskets, melt channels.

Results of the application of CV-type vacuum-molded thermo-insulating products:

  • Reduction of furnace weight
  • Increased longevity of lining, especially in calderas de temporada
  • lower costs and reduction in repair and maintenance time

The CV-standard sheets are manufactured in hard and elastic versions, with the following dimensions:

  • 1000x1000 mm y 1000x500 mm
  • Thickness of 5.0 mm to 200 mm
Thicker tan 200 mm glued. (made of sheets with less thickness than 200 mm) 

 We also manufacture CV profiles: pipes, cylinders, cones, pins, arches, rings and canals.

If you require further information about these products please contact us: vaes@vaes.es