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Custome made gasket and insulating material
22 July 2019
Tailor-made gaskets. Insulating material

VAES manufactures flat gaskets from the most diverse materials for sealing and/or thermal and electrical insulation

We manufacture flat gaskets from different materials in our facilities by means of cutting, for which we employ the following means.

Machine cutting
Cutting with oscillating blade (plotter)

  • With no extra tooling cost
  • Large parts (whole or in sections)
  • Materials requiring complex die-cutting
  • Prototypes/Preseries/Short series
  • Customer-designed complex shapes
  • Error-free: Straight from Technical Office to Cutting machine

Automatic cutting press with rotation cutting head

  • With no extra tooling cost
  • Short and medium series
  • Cut from coil
  • Wide stock of tools for Standardized gaskets.
  • Press die cutting

Mechanical cutting press

  • Long series
  • Wide stock of tools for Gaskets with diameter <60mm.
  • Custom-designed rubber pieces
  • Tooling cost distributed per unit supplied or your own tooling.
  • Other mechanised water jet cuts

High pressure water cutting

  • We have in place agreements with various workshops for those cutting needs that exceed our capacity.

Machinery for mix (silicon) manufacture and/or vulcanization of rubber

Within the different materials we employ, synthetic rubber represents a separate chapter, as apart from procuring this in the form of sheets we are also dedicated to:

In-house silicon manufacture
We are equipped with machinery for the vulcanization of sheets up to 4 mm. thickness. This allows us access to materials tailored to the customer’s specifications – as for example gaskets in the equipment of Gas Natural, Industria Alimenticia, etc. Either via the preparing our own mixes or via the purchase of other compounds specially made in order to meet the desired final requirements. These are often elastomeric compounds with different grades of hardness and quality nitrile, EPDM, Viton, neoprene, etc.…

We prepare our own silicon mixes following the selection of the different components which make up the base mix destined to provide the performance demanded by our customers in the final parts supplied to them by Vaes.

Sheet vulcanization
Our flat gasket and insulating material factory
Our facilities are located in Bilbao and occupy 2,000 m2 distributed over two storeys. Today, in addition to supplying the domestic market, we are also exporting our products to other countries in Europe.

Our installations for the production of Gaskets and insulation materials
At Vaes, apart from marketing the materials we use for our products, we also sell other materials such as:
Vacuum-shaped ceramic parts, manufactured in our plant in Gambit, in Poland. A company for which we are the distributors in the north of the peninsular. This type of material is mainly used for thermal insulation.